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Want to Volunteer with the Cadboro Bay Residents Association?

Haro Woods Restoration Project
Haro Woods Restoration Project
The Cadboro Bay Residents Association is run completely by volunteers from your community. There are several opportunities for members to assist with the many projects underway with the Association. Here's some examples of current projects that could use your expertise.

Cadboro Bay Residents Association Committees

The CBRA has struck a number of Committees to facilitate and assist us in representing the interests of the community. The Committees meet as required. Residents with a particular passion or interest in the CBRA's work are encouraged to become members of these Committees or to propose a new committee if none currently exists to address your particular concern. We welcome all volunteers. It is a wonderful way to make new friends in the community and to contribute. It is also a lot of fun.

For more information or to volunteer for a committee, refer to the Contacts page as most committees are listed there or email If you do not have email, please telephone the CBRA Chair (see Contacts section).

  • BIA Liaison Committee: Includes liaison with Cadboro Bay Village merchants (Cadboro Bay Village Business Improvement Association).
  • Communications Committee: Facilitates communication with members and the community at large. Updates the Facebook page, makes submissions for monthly article in Saanich News and other outreach activity.
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee: Responds to 'declared emergencies' which would be declared by the Mayor or his designate. Preparation insuring ability to respond if and when required is an ongoing project. This EP plan has been used a model in other Saanich communities.
  • Governance Committee: Works to amend the CBRA constitution with the objective of bringing proposed changes to the constitution to the community before the next general meeting.
  • Land Use Committee: Responds to Saanich Municipality regarding applications in Cadboro Bay. The mandate of this Committee is to monitor applications for rezoning, development permits and variances and, where necessary, help develop community positions for consideration by the CBRA Board.
  • Membership Committee: Encourages membership and volunteers. Responsible for keeping the membership list up to date.
  • Newsletter Committee: Produces the CBRA newsletter.
  • Parks Committee: Promotes stewardship, improvements and use of existing trails and parks including Gyro Park, Mystic Vale and other natural areas. Opportunity to work with Saanich, planning for our area, contributing to studies and reports (OCP). An independent subgroup, the Konukson Weed Whackers led by Harry Drage (250.477.9544 or, removes invasive species.
  • Queenswood Committee: Works to ensure the development of the Queenswood property reflects community interests.
  • SCAN Committee: Includes liaison with Saanich Community Associations Network (SCAN).
  • Traffic Committee: Offers guidance and support to groups taking action with respect to traffic in their individual neighborhoods.
  • UVic Liaison Committee: Represents CBRA on the UVic Community Associations Liaison Committee.
  • Website Committee: Responsible for the CBRA website.

Other Opportunities:

Want to volunteer but don't see the opportunity listed here or want to volunteer but don't know exactly what you might like to do? Contact the Chair or any member of the Board of Directors (see Contacts section) to discuss opportunities for volunteering with your Association.