Chronology of UVic's Proposal for 7 Storey Parkade included in the

Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA) Project

CBRA has been very involved with this process and this web page is a collection of the announcements, letters and such that CBRA has published on their website. They are gathered here as a convenience to viewers. For more details on this matter, see UVic Parkade - CARSA contact person on Contacts page.

Important Items

For your convenience, gathered here are some important documents related to the UVic Parkade - CARSA project.

Table of Contents

Sep 16, 2012: CARSA/UVic Parkade Update Meeting Mon Sep 17, 2012

From Grant Hughes, Director Community Relations, University of Victoria: We have received notice that Saanich will be considering UVic's CARSA Development Variance Permit Application at the Committee of the Whole on Monday, September 17th at 7:30 pm with an opportunity to be heard or present written submissions. Details at Saanich notice. Further information on this project can be found at CARSA.

May 11, 2012: CBRA Supports Latest CARSA Proposal

In an email to CBRA members from President Barbara Raponi is an update on the CARSA/UVic Parkade issue. Click on CBRA News for details.

Apr 27, 2012: New Round of Open Houses Regarding UVic Parkade/CARSA Project

Follow link to UVic's details on Latest Parkade/CARSA Open Houses.

Feb 23, 2012: UVic Plans Open House Meetings Regarding CARSA/Parkade Project

UVic has issued a Press Release to announce meetings to be held in the community as recommended by HB Lanarc in their report. See Press Release for details.

Jan 28, 2012: CBRA Response to HB Lanarc Report on CARSA/UVic Parkade Consultation Process

See details of recently released HB Lanarc Report plus CBRA response at CARSA/UVic Parkade Consulation Process.

Jan 11, 2012: HB Lanarc Interviews CBRA Regarding CARSA/UVic Parkade on Dec 13, 2011

As part of the consulation process with stakeholders, HB Lanarc interviewed CBRA executive. See minutes from this initial meeting at HB Lanarc Interview.

Dec 29, 2011: UVic Begins a New Consultation Process for CARSA

UVic has engaged HB Lanarc to interview approximately 25 people and groups to gather input into what the CARSA consultation should look like. CBRA is one of the interviewees. UVic representatives have indicated information learned during this process and the CARSA consultation will be used in the future for other UVic development proposals.

On Dec 13, 2011 HB Lanarc hosted a meeting to interview CBRA. Here are the documents presented by CBRA representatives to HB Lanarc at that meeting.

Draft Mandate and Terms of Reference 2011-10-27
HBL Consultation Dec 13, 2011
HBL Schedule C Review UVic Consultation Process
HBL Talking Points Dec 13, 2011

Nov 11, 2011: CBRA UVic Draft Mandate & Terms of Reference

As a follow-up to Saanich council's requirement that UVic undertake a community consultation process for CARSA, CBRA submitted a Draft Mandate & Terms of Reference for the process to the university. See Mandate.

Oct 12, 2011: UVic CARSA Proposal - Update Oct 10, 2011

Saanich Council met on Oct 4/5 to review this proposal. See more details.

Sep 29, 2011: UVic Centre for Athletics, Recreation & Special Abilities (CARSA) with Attached 7-Storey Concrete 505-Car Parkade - Make Your Voice Heard on Tues Oct 4 at 7:30 pm

See more details.

Sep 14, 2011: CBRA Response to UVic Proposed CARSA Parkade

CBRA President Elizabeth Borek sent a letter to UVic President Turpin with the CBRA's response to the proposed CARSA 7-storey parkade. See UVic Letter and CBRA Response.

Aug 29, 2011: Announcing UVic Open House on Sep 8, 2011 Regarding Proposed 7 Storey Parkade

CBRA President Elizabeth Borek has sent a message about the UVic Open House on Sep 8, 2011 to CBRA members. The Open House will address concerns that residents have with the 7 storey car parkade. See UVic Parkade Open House.

Aug 17, 2011: Further Message from CBRA President Regarding UVic's Proposed Parkade and News of Break-ins

CBRA President Elizabeth Borek has sent a follow-up to the UVic Parkade issue plus a warning regarding break-ins in the Cadboro Bay area. See Parkade and Break-ins Message.

Aug 6, 2011: Message from CBRA President Regarding UVic's Proposed Parkade

CBRA President Elizabeth Borek has sent UVic Parkade Message to all CBRA members who have given us their email addresses.