CBRA Response to HB Lanarc Report on CARSA/UVic Parkade Consultation Process Jan 25, 2012

Below find CBRA President Barbara Raponi's summary of CBRA's response:

CBRA feels that HB Lanarc did a great job of capturing what a good consultation process should look like, but the timeline proposed by the university does not allow for the completion of such a process. We were pleased to see that the consultant highlighted that stakeholders need to be included in the development of a plan right from the start; they should not have to react to a finished plan created using a 'Design, Announce, Defend' strategy as UVic has used to date with the CARSA/Parkade project. The consultant also emphasized that 'meaningful consultation' means that the feedback received needs to be incorporated into the design of the project.

Where the concern lies is that the university can't possibly carry out a meaningful consultation process as described in the report in the timeline they have indicated. The initial design of the CARSA project took many months. UVic has allocated a period of slightly more than 4 months (from the end of January to early June) to hire a consultant, obtain community feedback, meaningfully re-design the project (only 4 weeks are allocated to this activity), and take it back to the community for confirmation. Even if it is only the parkade that is being re-designed, it could not possibly be done in 4 weeks. We believe that any meaningful redesign would involve considering options such as re-locating the parkade, splitting it into multiple parkades, putting part of it underground, or some other major change - not just planting vines on the side as was proposed by the university at the Saanich council meeting in October. The entire consultation process must be timely, thorough and meaningful.

CBRA's complete response to the report is at CBRA Response to HB Lanarc.

The complete UVic report can be found at HB Lanarc Report.