EMail from Developer Rick Scott to clarify some issues May 6, 2007

Hi Eric.
As you know, CASA Projects Inc had never initially intended to apply for a development permit for a four story building in the Cadboro Bay Village. We were requested to do so by Saanich Planning and you have been copied on all of this communication. The request from planning came after we held a very positive and successful initial community meeting in February at which we presented our plan for a three story building and three townhouses. In our opinion, this would have met all of the criteria of the Local Area Plan and the Zoning Bylaws. Our plan then went forward to the Design Panel and was unanimously accepted and praised at that meeting. Planning at Saanich however had some other thoughts and indicated that they wished for us to make several changes including the loss of one of the townhouses and adding greater setbacks on the residential levels such that two of our initially proposed units had to be eliminated with their proposed changes. They indicated that they felt we should go to four stories to add back the two lost units and, they indicated clearly that they would not support our initial proposal at council despite being very well accepted.

We made the requested changes at great expense to our company. At our meeting on Thursday of last week, it was clear that the community did not want a four story proposal. We met with some very informed and pleasant community members that offered some very interesting and positive feedback regarding our proposal. We also met with some very aggressive and beligerent comments from some other individuals who did not support the four story element of the project. It was also very clear that a number of individuals were not aware that the main site spanning Sinclair to Penrhyn was already zoned C2. This misunderstanding was fostered in part by the irresponsible individual that had posted the notice in the village suggesting mistakenly that we needed rezoning to construct the main building in question.

The overall response from the community meeting was that the vast majority supported our initial proposal of the three story building with the townhouses and only approx 1/3 supported a project with a fourth story. You are welcome to go through all of the comment sheets. Scott and I were actually pleased with this result as it solidified our initial position in proposing a three story building with the additional townhouses. At no time in this process has anyone ever mentioned any issue with the townhouses. This element of the proposal has been widely accepted.

We called Harold Stanley on Friday am to indicate that we needed a meeting on Monday(tomorrow) and that we wished to have planning reconsider their position on our initial proposal. We made it clear that at every step of this process, our three story proposal has met with both community and professional support and that their concept of the four story building has been harmful to our business case for this project and to our reputation as responsible builders. Both Scott and I were upset that we had to face the ire of some community members for a project we had never intended to build in the first place.

In summary Eric, we will not be pursuing a four story building as a part of this development. We will be indicating to Saanich planning tomorrow that we wish to revert to our initial proposal of a total of 13 residential units with associated commercial space, in a combination of condominiums and townhouses.

We hope that this will be acceptable to the executive of the Cadboro Bay Residents Association. Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions. Our meeting with planning is at 330 pm tomorrow. Would you have any interest in attending this meeting?

Thanks kindly.
Rick Smith
CASA Projects Inc.